Basketball Never Stops in NextVR Screening Room

NextVR Screening Room allows fans to watch NBA League Pass games distraction-free on the largest screen in the house as part of a subscription to NBA League Pass. Every night this season, NBA League Pass subscribers can experience every NBA League Pass game in the NextVR Screening Room, a VR environment in the NextVR app with games appearing on a theater-sized screen. International NBA League Pass fans can experience every single 2018-19 NBA game in the NextVR Screening Room.

Still looking for more information on NextVR Screening Room? Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the NextVR Screening Room experience like?

NextVR Screening Room allows NBA League Pass subscribers to watch every live game on a virtual movie theater-sized screen. Every game night, fans can immerse themselves in a 360 VR environment with the opportunity to live stream games on a massive virtual screen.

Do I need to have NBA League Pass to watch the games?

Yes, NextVR Screening Room is available as part of an NBA League Pass, League Pass Premium or single game subscription.

There are a few times a year when the NBA has a “Free Preview” where all NBA League Pass games are available to watch without a login, for free. Follow @nextvr to stay up-to-date on upcoming Free Preview announcements, or go to

Are there are only live games in NextVR Screening Room?

Yes, every game in NextVR Screening Room is live.

Can I find on-demand content in NextVR Screening Room?

For free on-demand content check out the NBA League Pass channel in NextVR.

Will there be there blackout restrictions?

NextVR Screening Room respects the local blackout restrictions of NBA League Pass.

I live outside the USA, is NextVR Screening Room included with International NBA League Pass?

International fans can enjoy every single live NBA game, regardless off US television broadcast partner, with an International NBA League Pass subscription.

Is the NextVR Screening Room a separate channel in the NextVR app from the NBA League Pass games?

Yes, NextVR Screening Room is a dedicated channel in the free NextVR app.

What VR headsets are compatible with NextVR Screening Room?

Fans with an Oculus Go, PlayStation VR, Gear VR, or Google Daydream can enjoy NextVR Screening Room. NextVR Screening Room compatibility with PC-based platforms (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality) is coming soon. Follow @nextvr to stay up-to-date on upcoming releases

When did NextVR Screening Room launch?

NextVR Screening Room launched in October 2017 and is now in its second season of streaming NBA League Pass Games.

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Be the first to know about the upcoming games, events and concerts in virtual reality.

Be the first to know about the upcoming games, events and concerts in virtual reality.