NextVR Demonstrates Breakthrough Advances with Introduction of Six Degrees of Freedom, High Resolution Delivery, and Augmented Reality

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Jan. 8, 2018 – Today, NextVR the leading technology platform for broadcasting live events in virtual reality, announced a new suite of technology innovations designed to evolve the VR fan experience. The expansion of NextVR’s patented VR broadcast technology platform will dramatically increase viewer presence with the introduction of Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) viewing, increased resolution and sharpness, and an Augmented Reality (AR) roadmap to broadly support AR devices. 

“VR is the most demanding visual medium ever created and we’re just beginning to deliver on its potential to convincingly create experiences that mimic reality,” said David Cole, NextVR Co-Founder and CEO. “The ability to move naturally inside the experience and the increased ability to see detail add a critical level of presence and realism.”

NextVR will be incorporating these technology advancements throughout 2018, with a sneak peek for media during CES 2018. Updates include:

  • Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) Creates an Uninterrupted Sense of Presence
  • NextVRs High Resolution Content Transmits Reality with Stronger Fidelity
  • NextVR Adds Augmented Reality (AR), Allowing You to Experience Content Anywhere

Obstructed views will be a thing of the past with the introduction of 6DoF. NextVR will give fans the freedom to move in every direction to explore the captured space while in headset. If a referee or spectator is in the way, you can simply shift and look around the field of play just as you do when you’re actually at the event. This freedom of movement provides a much more natural feeling and stronger point-of-view to witness the best action. The first rollout phase will integrate 6DoF into on-demand experiences in 2018. This will be followed by the debut of live 6DoF.

As the hardware market advances with higher resolution displays built into headsets, NextVR is able to leverage its ultra-high-resolution imaging technology more effectively. NextVR has exploited and enhanced the detail capture capability of its proprietary VR cameras and encoder infrastructure. This results in much higher resolution and higher detailed playout on compatible VR headsets. Content will be available in high-res in early 2018.

NextVR’s expansion to support AR devices will provide fans with experiences where their physical environment and the digitally captured NextVR content co-exist and interact in real time. This cohesive blend of real and transmitted reality allows for real life social engagement while still delivering an unmatched entertainment experience. AR capability will start to become available in mid-2018 when fans will be able to transport NextVR experiences directly into the viewer’s physical world.

“Producing VR content with six degrees of freedom will deliver the most immersive experiences for fans,” said Danny Keens, NextVR vice president of content. “Live broadcasts are a point of differentiation for NextVR, and these new technical introductions to our VR technology platform will completely redefine live experiences for our fans and partners alike.”

The NextVR app is available for free download, and compatible with a Samsung Gear VR headset or Google Daydream View, along with a compatible smartphone, PlayStation VR, or Windows Mixed Reality. New hardware support, including affordable and powerful all-in-one mobile headsets, are planned for 2018. Log onto for additional details including how to get started in VR. For updates make sure to follow @NextVR on Twitter, Instagram, and /NextVR on Facebook.

About NextVR

NextVR is the world’s leading virtual reality platform for delivering live sports and music in virtual reality to fans globally. Launched in 2009, the company has multiple patented technologies that deliver an unparalleled virtual reality experience, providing fans extraordinary access and profound immersion. NextVR has world-class partnerships with leaders in sports and entertainment including the NBA, NFL, FOX Sports, Live Nation, and the International Champions Cup. NextVR was founded by industry leaders with decades of experience in 3D stereoscopic imaging, compression technology, and VR broadcasting. For more information, visit

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Be the first to know about the upcoming games, events and concerts in virtual reality.